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It is a universally recognized carpet cleaning company, you can trade with us freely at any time.

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About Us: The Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service In Your Area (Basingstoke).

At No1 Carpet Cleaners we’re committed to providing a consistently high level of carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning services to all our customers, that’s why we have invested in the best and most efficient cleaning equipment in the market. Read more about us…..
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Our Carpet Cleaning Service

All our machines are from Airflex Storm, who are the leaders in carpet cleaning equipment. We use the latest fast-drying steam cleaning machines on the market, are fully insured, and have over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Kitchen Carpet Clean
Residential Carpet Cleaning

Who doesn’t want to keep their carpets clean and beautiful? But they don’t get the better way. Our residential carpet cleaning service will definitely help you with whatever you need.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We have the best commercial carpet cleaners, so if you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning services, we can help you.

Carpet Cleaning
Official Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service to take care of your office carpet then we are ready to give you the best service.

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How We Test Carpet Cleaners?

At the Basingstoke, we lay out a pre-measured amount of dirt onto carpet, hard floor, and upholstery, then tread this into the floor and leave it to sit overnight. Then, using a set number of passes, we clean the dirty area. We then assess the area, looking at whether it’s sodden, damp, or completely dry. We assess the carpet and upholstery pile to see if it has been restored and lifted, and we look at the color of the carpet and upholstery too. For ease of use, we assess how easy the machine is to assemble and what tools are available (for example, if it comes with an upholstery cleaning tool, hard floor cleaning tool, or pre-treatment wands.

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